A List Apart redesigned

(New) Magazine-looking logo for A List Apart 4.0

A List Apart may quite possibly the best source of information for web designers and developers, as such I was becoming a bit worried given that the last issue dates back to the 24th of may. Well, issue #201 is out and the magazine for people who make websites have received a stunning makeover.

The all star lineup responsible the work (Jeffery Zeldman, Jason Santa Maria and Eric Meyer amongst others) have really made ALA look every bit as good as the contents have always been. Not only does it look great, the new structure and navigational elements seems very well thought out as well.

This quote from Zeldman's writeup is a good indication of what kind of work have been done with the new version of ALA:

From the crown of its cranium to the tips of its Ruby-slippered toes, A List Apart 4.0 is both old and new. Old in its mission to help people who make websites see farther and jump higher. New in its design, structure, publishing system, and brand extensions.

ALA's main server haven't been updated yet, so it might just be that the work isn't official or finished yet (I have noticed some 404's that indicates that this is the case). Nevertheless, the new site can be seen at a TextDrive sub domain.

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