Server status monitor

A new version of the status monitor has just been uploaded. There's only a few minor changes from the previous version, though as the testing period went well I've enabled the monitor for all (currently 115!) services.

The statuses displayed on the page is synchronized against a third party server every six minutes, when the last update took place is displayed on a timestamp (linked to Time&Date's "fixed time world clock") on the top of the page. The status for each server is displayed as either "running", "warning", "down" or "unknown", with changes to the background color of the boxes (green, orange, red, yellow) to help identify troubled services. Hopefully though it will remain all green most of the time.

Hovering the boxes (names) will reveal a bit more information about the server and/or service as well. What exactly is displayed varies between the different types of service, though in most cases this will be things like OS and hardware specifications. A few also features bits of trivia or notes about what services they provide (for an example of this take a look at "eddie" from the email servers group).

A few of the names displayed be the monitor will during a transition period be incorrect. Most of the servers will be re-named in the coming weeks, though for some servers this may take a bit longer. This is because simply renaming the servers could/would break many of the applications running on/against those servers.

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