...or; Does people print web pages?

Does anybody print from the web? Personally I can't remember the last time I actually printed a page of the web. If I need to share something from the web I usually just copy, paste and send an email, occasionally just passing the URI along (via email or other means).

Actually, the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about printing stuff is "CTRL-P-Print". A rather memorably quote from Eddie Izzards stand-up show "Dressed to Kill" (it's the larger part of the encore);

Yes, I've got a Macintosh computer plugged in to a Cannon bubble jet printer, and… Yes' I've been into the Chooser- into the Printers File, and chosen "Cannon Bubble jet Printer…" Yes, I've been to the Chooser file and chosen Printer Port, which is the same as the fax-modem port, which confuses the fuck out of me… I've chosen A4 paper instead of toilet paper, yeah, I know that… I've chosen the picture of the dog standing straight up instead of the dog lying on the side, it's got a problem, the taxidermist had to go early- what the fuck? It's five in the morning! It will not print out! There's something definitely wrong with the… There's an "ON" switch on the printer, is there?

Though if try to remember the last time I saw something printed from the web, it becomes a completely different story. As soon as I visualized a website printout I could see those default headers and footers in the hands of people everywhere. Every situation from meetings, lectures, workplaces, TV-debates, press conferences to people on the street with directions to the local  post office  popped into my head. So I guess people are printing web pages after all...

And if you're wondering what triggered this sudden (and mostly pointless) rant about printing; Well I finally fixed the most of urgent issues with the way this site automagically transforms to paper.

Ps! Delivering your mail at the post office mentioned above probably won't do you much good. It was supposed to be a joke. Though I'm rather dry-witted so I won't blame you if it passed by silently. If you have no idea what Vinmonopolet is, this stub of enlightenment on Wikipedia should help explain it. Besides, odds are you didn't even notice that the link went nowhere near the postal office... ;-)

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