Release notes for SparkCMS 0.3.14

Late Friday afternoon, the live version of SparkCMS was updated to release 0.3.14. Noticeable changes with this release should be the addition of the pagination widget as well as several improvements to the Inline() video module. A couple bug-fixes and some other minor changes are present as well.

Changelog entries (mouse-over for date)

  • X: Created a function that simply returns the numbers of items for a specified SQL query... :-)
  • B: Inline(), fewer stored options, but still more flexible configuration options for video
  • F: Inline(), improved validation and attempted error handling for included video
  • B: Switched AdminContentExploreList() to use dbGetGnt() instead of an inline query
  • F: Bugfix: Fixed an issue where Aggregate() didn't receive numeric values (for items and length)
  • F: Inline(), added player selection for YouTube (to allow playlists)
  • F: Added pagination widget (for aggregated folders - Yeah!)
  • F: Minor improvements to RetreiveQuery()
  • X: Moved a couple of pagination related functions from admin-only to common functions library
  • F: Finalized/enabled multi-page functionality (works great with the pagination widget ;-)
  • F: Added feature caching to pagionation widget
  • S: Rewrote the filename generator for the server-side document caching to support sub-pages
  • F: Pagination(), removed output of "0" in the link for the first page of a folder
  • F: Pagination(), fixed that in a specific situation could cause the wrong sub page to be linked
  • S: The various functions that make up pagination was cleaned up a bit (especially math-releated stuff)
  • S: Yahoo! querystring workaround disabled (temporarily, the issues with encoded ";" seems to be fixed)
  • F: Added ErrorHandler() to aggregation and pagination functionality
  • B: Fixed some issues with the new RetreiveQuery() and the admin menu

The changelog above uses the following legend to indicate what parts of the CMS an entry affects

Frontend related (output)
Backend related (publisher)
System level (administrator)
Affects multiple levels

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