Ok, I might be slow... Just found David Baron's site and read "Notes on suggesting link styles" originally posted back in September 1999. Initially the article makes sense to me, the technique also solves a couple of (really anoying) problems with named anchors, so after a bit of reaserch I'm implementing a solution based on his article.

:link:focus, :visited:focus { /*styles*/ }
:link { /*styles*/ }
:visited { /*styles*/ }
:link:hover, :visited:hover { /*styles*/ }
:link:active, :visited:active { /*styles*/ }

The css snipplet above is David's original suggestion, while the one below is my edited css implementation...

:link:focus { /* Style */ }
:link { /* Style */ }
:link:hover { /* Style */ }
:link:active { /* Style */ }
:visited:focus { /* Style */ }
:visited { /* Style */ }
:visited:hover { /* Style */ }
:visited:active { /* Style */ }

The code is tested and found to be working as intended in Internet Explorer 6.0, Opera 7.5 and Firebird 0.7, all running on Windows XP. The one point I'm a bit worried about in this layout, is that I've moved the :visited section to the bottom. The only real reason I've done it is for simplicity when editing the style sheet, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this will fail in one (or more) browser/platform config(s). But at the moment I'm leaving it as is.

Since everybody seems to name their a behaviour techniques, the technique above was (at an official ceremony) given the name "v:f_ha/f_ha"...

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