Release notes for SparkCMS 0.3.15

Late Friday, just about a week after the last update (0.3.14), the live version of SparkCMS was updated to version 0.3.15. Changes are mostly related to session handling, so hopefully you haven't really noticed this update...

Changelog entries (mouse-over for date)

  • S: Better configuration options and some optimization of the session manager (and related functions)
  • S: Many changes in the session manager, especially towards detecting spam- and hack-attempts
  • S: Implemented a custom 404 handler on the server, mostly to enable interaction with non asp requests
  • S: Some fixes for the custom 404 handler (due to unforeseen differences between test and live server ;-)
  • F: SparkInline() is run on configuration options for blog comment form (to enable dynamic uri's)
  • S: Some changes/fixes with redirection and status codes for malicious access attempts

The changelog above uses the following legend to indicate what parts of the CMS an entry affects

Frontend related (output)
Backend related (publisher)
System level (administrator)
Affects multiple levels

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