...or; What are you gonna do with your life?

Here's a nice blast from the past, back from the good old days when rock was hairy and MTV still played music videos; Twisted Sister. Although I've never been a TS fan, I must admit that (re)listening to their monster-hits puts me in a good mood.

I've always thought of TS as sort of a one hit wonder (admittedly with two hits), so I was rather surprised to learn that they're still recording an just recently released their 13th (incl. 5 live albums and 1 re-recording) full length album titled "Twisted Christmas". I probably wont be buying the album, but the single "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" is an entertaining mix of an old Christmas classic. As you need to remember the old TS classics to really appreciate it, here's the new video with the classics "I wanna rock" and "We're not gonna take it" as a warm up.

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"I wanna rock" and "We're not gonna take it" are amongst the first music videos I can remember seeing. Don't really know why, cause when TS climbed the charts I really wasn't watching MTV nor was I that into rock (I was 7 years old in '84). Probably it's 'cause both videos have enjoyed a lot of (re)plays on music channels over the years.

Have a nice weekend!

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