Release notes for SparkCMS 0.3.16

Friday afternoon, again just about a week after the last update (0.3.15) , the live version of SparkCMS was updated to version 0.3.16. This release mostly consists of minor changes and improvements to already implemented functionality, though it comes with a couple bug fixes as well.

The one change that might be the most visible is the improvements to the word count feature (used for aggregated folders etc). It has been completely rewritten, the results being much better performance (around 14%) and way better accuracy (typically 10-12%). The new function also should avoid those totally wrong results (where it could be more than 100% wrong :-)...

Changelog entries (mouse-over for date)

  • F: Removed the noScale parameter from Revver and Google Video player output
  • X: SparkInline(), added MySpace video to the inline video module (Only temporarily for testing!)
  • F: Pagination(), fixed a bug which caused non-existing sub-pages to link to a next non-exciting page
  • F: Added 404 response to sub-pages that doesn't have any content
  • X: Improved performance of the page count calculation function
  • X: Reworked the function for IP conversion between integer and decimal noted IP addresses
  • X: Added encoding of apostrophes in XhtmlEncode, plus some general improvements to the function
  • X: Rewrote word-counting, optimized method has approx 14% speed improvement!
  • X: Rewrote word-counting, a bit lower performance but it's up to 30% more accurate (typically 10-12%)
  • X: Added a function that simply strips all html (incl. attributes etc)
  • F: Added a http response-type negotiator (that returns codes and determines if any content generated)
  • F: Bugfix: Server side caching was varying due to changing of Query(x) values in SparkCMS(), fixed
  • F: Improved served side caching, added a (configurable) time-frame where no db requests are required
  • F: Bugfix: Pagination could return 1 to few pages with certain results when between x.0 and x.5 pages
  • F: Changed how the new server side caching feature interprits client requests (based on headers sent)

The changelog above uses the following legend to indicate what parts of the CMS an entry affects

Frontend related (output)
Backend related (publisher)
System level (administrator)
Affects multiple levels

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