Release notes for SparkCMS 0.3.18

The online version of SparkCMS was just updated to 0.3.18. Most notable news with this update is a completly new implementation of the RTE (TinyMCE), though as usual some bug-fixes and smaller changes have found its way into the code as well.

There are still several loose ends with the current RTE implementation, though the new customized framework (and knowledge of TinyMCE) should greatly help with the remaining work. The first things on the todo list is a better method of working with images and functionality to work with SparkCMS "inline modules".

Selected changelog entries (mouse-over for date)

  • F: Added error handling routine to BlogFeedback()
  • S: Changed how current site/server is checked to allow sites that were wrongly redirected
  • T: Many changes/adjustments made to TinyMCE for adoption into SparkCMS
  • F: Fixed an issue where missing page title in URI could produce an error (RetreiveQuery)
  • B: Fixed some issues with the new RetreiveQuery() and internally linked documents
  • B: Rewrote parts of the backend query/menu system to work with the new common RetreiveQuery()
  • F: Made some debug items on the help menu adhere to the debug flag

The changelog above uses the following legend to indicate what parts of the CMS an entry affects

Frontend related (output)
Backend related (publisher)
System level (administrator)
TinyMCE RTE editor
Affects multiple levels

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