Release notes for SparkCMS 0.3.19

After running a few hours here at eVirtus!net, the hosted version of SparkCMS has been updated to version 0.3.19. The big news the release is the addition of the modules section, coupled with an normal array of bug-fixes and optimizations.

After the initial release, to minor updates have been made to fix an issue with PageElement type not being saved to db and some issues working with special characters in the RTE.

0.3.19a - "Featured" (selected changelog entries, mouse-over for date)

  • B: Added backend framework/wrapper for modules administration
  • B: Removed various (unnecessary) meta headers from the backend output
  • B: Fixed some issues with the form catch/repost (on re-login) functionality
  • X: Updated copyright notice with a new year... :-)
  • B: Modules: Added backend framework for PlainText module
  • B: Modified admin page titles for improved readability when viewed in browser history
  • B: Modules: Added content lister for modules
  • B: Modules: Componentized the module definitions to better seperate properties from code
  • B: Modules: Defined PlainText and Advertisements module
  • B: Fixed an issue with cancel buttons not working when building new target from querystring
  • B: Fixed various issues with login and catched form values / repost (QueryString update related)
  • X: Fixed a typo that disabled MaxLength for certain form inputs from working...
  • B: Modules: Created a framework for modular forms to be used for creating/editing module items.
  • B: Modules: Added text-strings, documentes and boolean values to the form framework
  • B: Modules: Added functionality to load already created items from db!
  • X: Improved ErrorHandler so it displays more info in debug mode (leaves more errors unhandled)
  • X: Forms: Created a function to easier and more accurately return state of image buttons
  • B: Modules: Added retrieval of posted values in the module framework... :-)
  • B: Modules: Added validation framework (and validation of general values) of posted forms
  • B: Forms: Fixed an issue where errors wouldn't be reported for "minor errors" in numeric tests
  • X: Forms: Fixed an HTML validation issue in the output from eFormsValidator() (missed closing a list)
  • X: Created a new (more flexible) general purpose function to encode and save to db from arrays
  • B: Modules: Expanded validation of posted values to include all currently used values/types
  • B: Modules: Added functionality to save items to db (using the new dbAddOrUpdate() function)
  • B: Modules: Line breaks replaced with "¶" in list-views (to better display them)
  • B: Modules: Added numeric data types to the module framework
  • B: Modules: Added definitions for Randomness module
  • T: Added a cleanup function that removes unwanted non-breaking spaces (caused by 3rd party bugs)
  • X: Added a general function for extracting and encoding text from a larger document/text-strings
  • B: Modules: Updated the lister to utilize the newly created text extraction function
  • B: Modules: Added display/dropdown for site and folder names to listings/forms (based on id#)
  • B: Modules: Added "continue" button on successful update/upload of item
  • B: Modules: Added display/dropdown for authors to listings/forms (based on id#)
  • D: Modules: Removed created/date column from PageElements, removed field from db migration
  • D: Modules: Removed author (id) column from PageElements, removed field from db migration
  • B: Modules: Added display/dropdown for parent documents to listings/forms (based on id#)
  • X: Added offset to dbLoadRowsToArray() function, modified various calls to match this
  • B: Modules: Added PageCtrl to listings output (allows limits and multiple pages)
  • B: Modules: Added dropdown for simple numeric values (used ratings, sortorder, etc)
  • B: Modules: Added sort-order dropdown on PageElements form
  • B: Modules: Added dropdown to define a parent item from same db table as item is on
  • B: Modules: Added parent item and sort-order dropdowns on menu item form
  • B: Menu: Several optimazations to the menu system, swapped a couple custom functions for shared ones
  • B: Modules: Completed definitions for Menu and PageElement modules

0.3.19b - "Featurette" (selected changelog entries, mouse-over for date)

  • B: Modules: Fixed an issue with PageElement type selection not being saved/updated to db
  • B: Modules: Some minor adjustments to sort order and form layout for PageElements

0.3.19c - "Escaped" (selected changelog entries, mouse-over for date)

  • T: Made some changes to the way TinyMCE handles entities and special characters

0.3.19d - "Elementary" (selected changelog entries, mouse-over for date)

  • B: Modules: Fixed an issue with the specification of PageElements (they were wrongly sorted)

The changelog above uses the following legend to indicate what parts of the CMS an entry affects

Frontend related (output)
Backend related (publisher)
Database layout
System level (administrator)
TinyMCE RTE editor
Affects multiple levels

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