Release notes for SparkCMS 0.3.20

Tuesday morning, after running about twelve hours( here at eVirtus!net, the hosted version of SparkCMS was updated (to version 0.3.20). Two months after the last update, a new version was finally rolled onto the servers earlier today.

The only really visible change with this update, is the new "insert URI dialog" of the RTE editor, some might also notice that several smaller (though annoying nonetheless) bugs have been ironed out. Other than this, the changes are mostly to stuff to ready the CMS for future updates.

0.3.20 - "Linked" (selected changelog entries, mouse-over for date)

  • B: Removed some debug code/output from the admin login screen, some other code optimization
  • X: Moved PadString() from common functions to common_text functions, updated calling functions
  • T: Fixed several accelerator keys so they work in Opera (by adding shift to reserved combinations)
  • T: Added function/menu option to toggle between RTE and normal modes (for specified forms)
  • T: Some reordering of the RTE's menu items, removed some surplus/duplicate buttons
  • T: Redesigned internal help and about for the rich text editor, some general tweaks to pop-up's
  • T: Several smaller code optimizations, mostly by removing unused code
  • T: Fixed some issues with integration and design of pop-up windows and dialogs
  • B: Modules: Renamed PlainText to SimpleText as its contents can be anything other than plain...
  • T: Some initial work on getting a initial "insert link" dialog working (and it does :-)
  • T: Changed icon for superscript button (from sub-script icon), new icon for fullscreen mode
  • B: Account: Fixed html encoded " in tooltip for user name (in profile form)
  • X: Made it optional to query menu table for content titles in dbGetTitle()
  • X: SparkInline: Added option to specify if title in menu or content table should be used
  • X: ErrorHandler: Made the internal workings a bit more tolerant
  • T: Fixed an issue were URIs of edited links weren't updated on document saved
  • B: Fixed an issue witch prevented XMLbot from running (caused by moving PadString)
  • T: Added new insert URI dialog with search for internal documents
  • B: Added backend framework for XMLHttpRequest's (used by the new URI dialog) ("SparkXHR()")
  • T: Added (a somewhat dynamic) statusbar framework for use in RTE dialogs
  • B: Added error handler and some cleanup code to SparkXhr()
  • S: Added a option to not quote strings in the SQL formater (useful when building complex queries)
  • T: Fixed some issues with identification of local/cms links (in insert/edit URI dialog)
  • T: Added several options to expand or narrow down searches for local documents in the URI dialog

The changelog uses the following legend to indicate what parts of the CMS an entry affects

Frontend related (output)
Backend related (publisher)
Database layout
System level (administrator)
RTE editor
Affects multiple levels

Sorry about the long time I've used to get this out to the blog. Shortly after updating SparkCMS i had a db crash (on my development machine), this completly made me forget about finalizing this blog post. Noticed it just now, as I'm about to write about 0.3.21...

This blog post have been edited since it first was published. All edits to the above text is marked up with ins and del tags respectively, information about why something was edited is availible below. 

  1. 25th of March 2007 @ 01:53, removed some inconsistant wording left over from the draft.
  2. 25th of March 2007 @ 16:40, fixed a couple of typos & restructured the layout a bit.

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