Version notes for SparkCMS 0.3.27

Since last friday (the 31st of August), version 0.3.27 of SparkCMS have been running in debug mode here on eVirtus!net. The obvious "big news" being support for feeds, though the update comes with several other important bug fixes and improvements.

During the last couple of days a couple of minor db related issues have been ironed out, other than this it seems to be smooth sailing. As such, an update to all servers running SparkCMS are likely to be done sometime tomorrow thursday. As things have been rather quiet on the development blog for some time now, I'm also hoping to do a post tomorrow soon about some of the recent developments and short term plans.

I've made a couple of minor changes to the code and have consequently decided to extend the test period with a few hours. If nothing new surfaces, I'll be updating servers around midday tomorrow (thursday).

0.3.27a "Consumable" (selected changelog entries, mouse-over for date)

  • X: Added initial framework for syndication feeds (document type)
  • F: Some general performance improvements to the server side cache function
  • B: Switched IP WhoIs links to SamSpade (DNSStuff can't be linked to anymore)
  • S: Defined db table for feeds, including create/drop functionality (in migration)
  • B: Added Feeds to content creation dialog
  • B: Added Feeds to content deletion routine
  • B: Displaying title for parent in deletion dialog
  • B: Added response header definitions for RSS feeds (application/rss+xml if supported)
  • X: Forms; CreateSelect(), improved fault tolerance and some minor performance enhancements
  • X: Forms; Failing simple grouped numeric tests now leads to "fatal errors" (halts processing)
  • X: Forms; Updated the FormValidator() to allow semicolons in the querystring of URIs
  • B: Added class definitions for syndication feeds (enables db communication for feed editing!)
  • B: Separated, simplified and added more configuration options for blog post aggregation
  • F: Aggregation; Switched a couple Server.HtmlEncode() over to the custom written XhtmlEncode()
  • F: Aggregation; Added settings to configure output containers for item properties lists
  • F: Added aggregation of syndication feeds (allows "my feeds" folders/pages)
  • B: Added option to set aggregation method for syndication feeds
  • F: Minor improvements to how different http request types are handled
  • F: Cleaned up and rewrote the core SparkCMS() output wrapper
  • F: Fixed a bug that caused response headers to be sent twice in certain situations
  • F: Created output wrapper and set up core db communications for syndication feeds
  • X: New shared function for retrieval of folder/tree id's (that only uses 1 db query!)
  • X: Some minor tweaks to facilitate generation of content without loading forms library
  • F: Added output of RSS 2.0 feeds (with either meta descriptions or full content
  • F: SparkInline(), added autostart and logo/branding options for Revver SIMs
  • S: Added functionality for up- and downgrades of the db layout from within the CMS
  • F: Added option to create excerpt feeds (inherits current text-extraction limitations)
  • B: Made sorting of menu items (module) a bit more sensible and thus more usable
  • F: Feed output is now processed for SIM dynamic content
  • F: Relative URIs (both href and src) in feeds are converted to fully qualified URIs
  • F: Feeds; added client side caching functionality (304/If Modified Since) for feeds
  • F: Fixed an issue in the client side cache module that could prevent "Not modified" responses
  • X: Separated the db library into front- and backend related files
  • B: Feeds; Added framework for storing optional feed properties (in a separate db table)
  • B: Feeds; Added option to specify alternate URI for feeds (allows use of FeedBurner etc)
  • B: Feeds; Added option to specify feed image/icon (incl. various sub properties)
  • F: Feeds; Required sub-elements for images are generated (and added) if not specified
  • F: Feeds; Feed output now includes a guid with a unique hashed value (content based)
  • X: A couple of minor tweaks to allow use of SparkCMS with older versions of PostgreSQL (7.x)

0.3.27b "Re:Consumable" (selected changelog entries, mouse-over for date)

  • F: Added a wrapper (with class="type") around aggregated items to allow type based styling
  • F: Removed some debug output from aggregated feed items (two small html comments per item)

The changelog uses the following legend to indicate what parts of the CMS an entry affects

Frontend related (output)
Backend related (publisher)
Database layout
System level (administrator)
RTE editor
Affects multiple levels

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