Version notes for SparkCMS 0.3.28

After sucessfully testing the new code here on eVirtus!net, all servers running SparkCMS was earlier today updated to version 0.3.28. Most changes in this version are rather subtle, mostly consisting of "for future use" functionality, bug fixes and some minor tweaks to exsisting features.

Possibly the most exciting new groundwork have been done with the "xhr" framework. Although it probably will be some time before any (truly usefull) dynamic functionality will be part of the default CMS setup, some exciting functions have allready been buildt around it. For an example of what it can do, see the "language study search" in the sidebar at LinguaAbroad.

0.3.28 "Squeak" (selected changelog entries, mouse-over for dates)

  • T: Removed unused plugins (save, preview and inlinepopups) from TinyMce's rtehelper.js
  • F: Feeds: fragment identifiers (href="#target") are converted to fully qualified URIs
  • B: Forms: Removed common dependancy and call in forms on eFormSubmit() js function
  • B: Forms: Updated shared form header function to create form fields using shared functions
  • F: Feeds: Somewhat improved error handling, facilitated serving cached output on fatal errors
  • F: Feeds: Error messages for fatal errors (html formated) are now with correct Mime-type
  • F: Feeds: Response status for fatal errors are now "503 Service Unavailable" (retry in 900)
  • F: Fragment identifiers in blog post excerpts are now converted to fully qualified URIs
  • F: RegEx used to identify SIM's are tightened a bit, should fix issue with too broad hits
  • T: Added option to specify longdesc path in the insert image dialog
  • T: Updated detection of SIM links in the insert link dialog
  • B: Fixed a possible security issue with access right verification on document reposts
  • X: Moved main XmlHttpRequest target to the domain root
  • X: Some minor security improvements to the XmlHttpRequest query handler
  • F: Added framework for using custom written XmlHttpRequest functions
  • X: Restructured (and cleaned up) the main XmlHttpRequest document
  • X: Cleansed the site configuration file(s), size reduced by approximately 10%
  • X: Added configuration options for SMTP features
  • F: Pagination: Moved class definitions from a/span to li item for more flexible styling
  • F: Pagination: Added classes and tool-tips (titles) for a couple of the elements
  • F: Pagination: Made all labels and titles customizable (added to settings)
  • X: eFormatDateTime() is now fully configurable (GMT-string requests still served in English!)

The changelog uses the following legend to indicate what parts of the CMS an entry affects

Frontend related (output)
Backend related (publisher)
Database layout
System level (administrator)
RTE editor
Affects multiple levels

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