Version notes for SparkCMS 0.3.29

After two days testing, failures and debugging here on eVirtus!net, version 0.3.29 of SparkCMS have been rolled out. Although sporting a variety of smaller changes, the obvious "big news" are that commenting for blog posts have been enabled.

Other things worth mentioning are enhancements to the mailer library (that actually tries three different methods for sending an email before giving up) and the many new configuration options for things such as property lists, folder pagination and blog posts & commenting settings.

Not to deviate to much from the norm, this version also has its fair share of smaller performance improvements and bug fixes. As usual a small selection of the changelog entries can be read below, more detailed information about the changes and/or new functionality are availible upon request...

0.3.29a "Talkback" (selected changelog entries, mouse-over for dates)

  • F: Blog; Moved the infobox "properties" class definitions to ul (easier to create unified styles)
  • F: Blog; Removed an unnecessary space from properties list output
  • X: Blog; Some minor performance enhancements with comment form creation
  • F: Blog; Moved titles in the comment form from labels to input fields
  • F: Blog; Removed id's from comment form buttons, replaced with class definitions
  • X: Forms library; Improved "pushed button checks", especially for standard buttons
  • X: Blog; Made (remaining) value retrieval actions make use of the forms library
  • F: Blog; Some improvements to titles and dynamic text for feedback item details
  • F: Blog; Added ErrorHandler() to feedback display (blog comments)
  • F: Blog; Removed duplicate <div id="feed"> container for feedback items output
  • F: Blog; Some improvements and cleanup of permlink item descriptors and titles
  • F: Blog; Added option to output unlinked comment-titles
  • X: dbAddOrUpdate(); now returns the id of newly created records(!) in the id variable
  • F: AuthorInfo(); fixed some minor markup misshaps that could occur with non-linked output
  • F: Blog; Some value retreival functionality in comments switched to latest forms library
  • F: Blog; Some improvements to comment validation, especially required user details
  • X: dbAddOrUpdate(); improved fault tolerance and error handling for returning new id's
  • B: Fixed an issue where additional "cookie-logins" wasn't logged to the login-log
  • X: Migrated usage of AdminId() to the new shared/common SessionUid()
  • X: Sorted and merged contents of "general/common.asp" and "admin/common.asp"
  • X: Added option to also login as user directly from the admin login dialog :-)
  • F: Pagination(); Added settings for how many items the lists should contain
  • F: Aggregation(); Property lists ignores "responses" if disabled (for curremt item)
  • B: New a flexible and robust (shared/common) solution for sending email
  • B: Blog; Email notifications (to site authors) about new blog comments are now availible
  • X: Added option specify "array splitter" character in the common TextReplace() function
  • X: Added ErrorHandler() and generally made the TextReplace() function more fault tolerant
  • F: Blog; Added configurable "Thank you" and error messages for blog comments
  • F: Blog; Added redirection (timeout) back to comments after a comment is posted
  • X: dbAddOrUpdate(); Added workaround for older versions of PostgreSQL (<7.4)

0.3.29b "Re:Talkback" (selected changelog entries, mouse-over for dates)

  • X: Forms; Fixed an issue with (standalone) RegExpValidate() not accepting semicolons in URIs
  • X: On fatal erros (db failures etc), form fields are set to disabled instead readonly state
  • F: Links to feedback author website can have the relation attribute set a configurable value
  • F: Apostrophes in text contents (comments etc) are no longer encoded as html entities (&apos;)
  • F: Blog; Replaced couple of Server.HtmlEncode() used in comments with XhtmlEncode()

0.3.29c - Re:Talkback (selected changelog entries, mouse-over for dates)

  • B: Title for "Parent Item" in the deletion dialog is now correctly encoded as XHTML
  • B: Fixed a bug with creation of new content that prevented some "body elements" from being saved
  • F: Improved fault tolerance for TextExtract(), should prevent some empty aggregated items

The changelog uses the following legend to indicate what parts of the CMS an entry affects

Frontend related (output)
Backend related (publisher)
Database layout
System level (administrator)
RTE editor
Affects multiple levels

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