...or; Can we have the gatekeepers back please?

For one or another reason I opened NRKs "foreign news" section today (I usually don't as I use a feed reader). Their top story; "Nå «is» det over". I could have understood it if it was Read/WriteWeb, TechCrunch or if Scoble had pushed it to the top of TechMeme. But not as the top foreign news story on what's supposed to be the most credible and serious news source here in Norway. WTF?

Now I'm not "on FaceBook" (yeah I know, I'm a Luditte) so I really don't care. I don't know if this is was a huge problem, if anybody cares or when FB stopped forcing "the is" on the status messages from its users. I do however know that this is not news. Maybe, just maybe, for a site writing exclusively about FB related stuff, but nowhere else except your "wall" (see, I know stuff). Not on a technology news site, not on your personal blog, not if you're writing about economy and not if your site is focused on the hot Web 2.0 matters that is so important to us all. And most importantly, not as the top foreign news story at a government-owned news providers web site.

Screen shot of NRKs foreign news page

This is not newsworthy - stop writing about it!

The articles "the is" pushed down from the top spot (where it's been for two hours now), oh nothing that important. Just that New Jersey has abolished the death penalty, that the EU threatens to boycott US climate meet and that an ice storm causes a power outages for millions of people in the central US. Hopefully the articles are sorted by when it was published and not in any way ranked by "importance" by someone at NRKs newsdesk, though the problem still remains the same; this shouldn't been published in the first place.

Whatever happened to gatekeepers of old media and the "the seven news values" (impact, timeliness, prominence, proximity, bizarreness, conflict, and currency) used to determine if something was worthy being printed/broadcast or not. Right now, I actually miss them...


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