...or; Internet Explorer passes the Acid2 test!

A yellow smiley faceFrom the department for news I didn't think we'd receive this year, comes word from Redmond that not only is Internet Explorer still in development - it passes the Acid2 test! Great news that totally took me by surprise. Kudos and congratulations to developers on the IE team! This is a huge first step towards turning IE into a standards compliant browser.

There's no beta or developer preview availible, so I cannot supply a screenshot. But as I cannot let this historic moment just pass by, here's a screen-capture of the next best thing; Internet Explorer 8's rendering of the Acid2 test as seen in a video posted to Channel9, here seen with the smiley originally posted to the IEBlog...

The 'Acid2 Smiley' rendered correctly by Internet Explorer 8

Being a web-developer that dables with web-design, 2008 sure looks to be an exciting year. Maybe '08 will end up being the year web-design finally became more about actual design than finding workarounds for browser bugs and limitations. That said, passing a specific set of tests, is something completely different than becoming/being an standards compliant browser - for that we'll just have to hope, wait and see. Though if the density of standard-related words in the Channel 9 interview is anything to go by, IE8 will undoubtably become an A-grade browser when it comes to supporting established web standards.

With new major versions under way from Mozilla, Opera and Microsoft (as well as major developments to KHTML/WebKit), it's certainly starting to look like it's game on for another round in the browser wars. Let's just make sure everybody fights fairly this time and sticks to the rules of engagement as defined by the W3C. No silly blink's, marque's, ActiveX-like technologies (that only works in browser x) or non-standard methods of triggering standards compliant mode. When the dust settles, hopefully we'll end up with a web where there's multiple strong browsers availible and the inferior browser doesn't have the dominating position. A web where following standards is a matter of course and innovation thrives in the strong competition between browser makers. If I only had one wish for the web and 2008...

PS! The title for this post is more the result of what was playing on my stereo as I started writing this post, than it is a wish for a new browser war. Generally I dislike wars, as is also the case with these kinds of wars. I would however like a browser market where we have several strong competitors. Oh, the song playing was A Perfect Circle's cover (from "eMOTIVE") of Fear's "Let's have a war" (found on their debut album "The Record")...


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