...or; Five minutes not wasted playing games!

Two pixelated persons with a big red heart behind them (symbolizing marrige)

At first you might think it's a stripped down Zelda clone, but you quickly find there's fewer actions to perform, blockier graphics, simpler sounds and less story. Then it hits you right in the face and you realize that Passage is so much more than the 100*16 pixels you see on screen.

Although I don't think I've been left with this much thoughts and feelings after playing through a game, I really don't want to write to much about it to spoil your experience. Just download and play, it's free, a small download and available for Windows, MacOS and *nix flavoured platforms. I'm certain you won't regret spending five minutes on this remarkable creation.

After playing through the game, you might want to read Jason Rohrer's statement "What I was trying to do with Passage", read more about the author and possibly also read the write-up WSJ gave the game.

Hat tip top Dan Cederholm for sharing the love of cleverly crafted pixels.


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