Version notes for SparkCMS 0.3.31

After testing it here on eVirtus!net around week (some parts tested nearly a month), a new version of SparkCMS have been rolled out to all servers. As mentioned earlier this is moslty a continuation of "the cleanup efforts", the RTE does however feature many smaller tweaks that should make it much more enjoyable to work with.

The main reason for the delays/extended test period, is that the routines for detecting hack-attempts have been heavily reworked and extended upon. Many of the new tests doesn't do much for the security of SparkCMS, basically they're designed just to shield of the resource abuse caused by the increasing number of attacks we've seen towards software not used by SparkCMS (most are aimed towards known WP and/or PHP specific vounerabilities). This should however make the performance hit to the CMS much less noticable in periods with a lot of attacks (have allready experienced tousends of hack-attempts an hour).

The update also has several smaller performance improvements and bug fixes. As usual a selection of the changelog entries can be read below, more detailed information about the changes and/or new functionality are availible upon request...

0.3.31 "Squeak3" (selected changelog entries, mouse-over for timestamps)

  • F: Cleanup and performance optimization of output from the randomness feature
  • F: Randomness; Added several new output options and query limiters
  • F: Elements; Fixed a bug where a specific configuration caused empty output to be generated
  • F: Removed usage of shared variable for SQL query strings, private variable declared where needed
  • B: Removed usage of shared variable for SQL query strings, private variable declared where needed
  • F: Randomness; Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong item to be retrieved from the cache
  • F: Default content id used for loading module-content on "404" requests, returns better content
  • X: Elements; Added "two levels of parent selection, some minor performance improvements
  • F: Elements; Migrated to the "new" shared db library and added ErrorHandler()
  • B: Fixed a minor layout glitch (with top level items) in the content deletion dialog
  • B: Default state for new content items are set to active
  • B: Tightened security for secondary content items (ie document body, feed attributes, comments, etc)1
  • F: Adjusted length of comment-titles to better match content-titles, should fix some rare issues
  • T: Cleaned up the design of the link dialog's sub pages, buttons are even placed where expected
  • T: Link button is now (also visually) enabled when selecting images inside the RTE
  • T: In Opera, unlinking removes the complete link when the caret is positioned inside a link
  • T: Added undo/redo functionality to the justification and unlink commands
  • T: Fixed some minor design issues with the style dialog, removed "blink" text decoration option
  • T: Added dialog for general (x)html attributes (id,title,style,class)
  • T: Fixed a bug witch caused the blockformat-dropdown to stop working in certain configurations
  • T: Added undo/redo functionality to the indent list-item command
  • T: Added command to insert sub-level numbered lists, buttons are disabled when appropriate
  • T: Sorted buttons into logical toolbars, added functionality to toggle the various toolbars on/off
  • T: Some performance enhancements to the toolbar system, toolbar state is saved in a cookie
  • T: Fixed some CSS issues with the RTE size, resizing and fullscreen mode
  • B: Blog; New content manipulation available: fix line-breaks/paragraphs
  • B: After creating new content, a continue button is now available (leads to content listing)
  • S: New HackAttempts routines and extended filtering of unwanted requests
  • B: Blog; Added option to update Last-mod of parent folder(s) when posting a new content item
  • B: Documents; New content manipulation availible: fix line-breaks/paragraphs
  • B: Added post-processing option to update Last-mod of parent folder(s) for documents and feeds
  • F: Added (site) aggregation for documents, has functionality of blog posts except feedback info
  • F: Added option to add "stored in..." to aggregated items property lists
  • F: Fixed a bug where localized day names sometimes where selected from the wrong day value
  • B: Improved configuration options for the various types of (site) aggregated content items
  • X: Removed unnecessary error-handling that were performed after output and database was closed
  • X: Optimized global application cleanup (also features smarter destruction of objects)
  • B: Added "Quick toggle dialog" for core content properties (mostly for setting active/in-active)
  • T: Added option to output fully qualified URI's from the link dialog's search function
  • T: Fixed some minor issues with the html-attributes dialog, added a few more system CSS classes
  • T: Fixed issues in the image dialog that caused the preview to initially be sized incorrectly
  • B: Removed unecisarry loading of documents (from db) when saving edited documents to the db
  • T: Fixed some issues with the RTE relating to quotes in title and alt attributes
  • B: Added encoding/re-encoding of quotes when loading data to/from a textarea (when using TinyMCE)

0.3.31b - Re:Squeak3 (full changelog, mouse-over for timestamp)

  • F: Re-added div wrappers for Randomness and Elements features that somehow had gone missing

The changelog uses the following legend to indicate what parts of the CMS an entry affects

Frontend related (output)
Backend related (publisher)
Database layout
System level (administrator)
RTE editor
Affects multiple levels
  1. A security issue, where publishers and/or site administrators potentionally could edit content that they didn't have sufficient rights to edit, have been discovered and fixed. In reality not really that big an issue, as admin levels isn't enforced yet. Regardless, the bug have been discovered and fixed... (locate)

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