Version notes for SparkCMS 0.3.32

After about a days testing here on eVirtus!net, version 0.3.32 of SparkCMS was rolled out a few hours ago. Most changes in this version are related to the RTE, including a near complete rewrite of the insert image dialog (that also adds functionality to browse for images on the server).

Other changes worth mentioning is the addition of an insert html function/dialog, this should make it considerably easier to include contents from services that provides "embed code" for content. A couple annoyances with RTE dialogs have been fixed and the RTE layout have been tweaked a bit to improve on its usabillity (and make SparkCMS usable with the latest snapshot release of Opera).

A selction of the changelog entries and some information can be found below, more detailed information may be provided upon request.

0.3.32 "Imaginative" (selected changelog entries, mouse-over for timestamps)

  • T: Made all strings in the shared xHtmlAttribute() dialog translatable
  • T: Fixed a bug with focusnext() (on enter) in some dialogs
  • T: Ported image dialog to new dialog framwork, added id attribute field, made it translatable
  • T: Added (CSS) class selctor sub-page in the image dialog
  • T: Created a framework for "simple" textarea based dialogs, added a insert html function/dialog
  • T: Ported the edit source function/dialog to the textarea framework and added undo/redo functionality
  • T: Moved toolbar toggles to the statusbar, adjusted visible toolbars default
  • B: Updated Norwegian DST schema with start/end dates for DST from 2009 throughout 2013
  • B: Added icons for image file types to the icon library (for use in file listings, dialogs etc)
  • B: Categorized and added descriptions for commonly used image file types (used in lists, dialogs etc)
  • B: Created backend funtionality to retreive sites, folders and file listsings through JS/XHR
  • T: New shared library for performing JS/XHR requests from dialogs
  • T: Fixed several issues with sizing of the preview image in the image dialog
  • T: Added functionality to browse for local files in the image dialog

0.3.32b "Re:Imaginative" (selected changelog entries, mouse-over for timestamps)

  • T: Fixed a glitch in the image dialog that caused NaN values to be set for empty images
  • T: Fixed some layout issues with XHR file listings (for instance link and image dialogs)
  • T: Resolved some minor issues with the image dialog's preview function throwing non-critical errors
  • T: Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented previews (in the image dialog) from loading
  • T: Corrected a typo that caused issues when resizing dialogs based on the textarea dialog framework

The changelog uses the following legend to indicate what parts of the CMS an entry affects

Frontend related (output)
Backend related (publisher)
Database layout
System level (administrator)
RTE editor
Affects multiple levels

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