Telia & Cogent fight results in unreachable sites

As you might already have read, Cogent Communications and TeliaSonera are arguing about the details in their peering agreement. This resulted in Cognet de-peering TeliaSonera on the 13th of March 2008. Our data center utilizes network services from Cognet, as such users with ISP relying on TeliaSonera may be experiencing problems reaching our servers.

Although Cognet aren't the only network provider to the hosting facility we use, they’re one of the primary ones. Unfortunately we are not able to entirely route around the problems, for this reason some users may be experience issues getting to our servers. We were first made aware of these issue yesterday, when reports came in that clients in Oslo where having difficulties reaching our servers. It's difficult to say why the issues have become more noticiable the last few days, though it might be possibly that some alternate routes (for TeliaSonera customers) to our servers have been closed down (by either Cognet, TeliaSonera or a third party working with either of them).

We're sincerly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and are actively looking for possibly solutions to the problem.


  1. Re: Cogent blocking Telia

    • Although I haven't seen any news on this issue, a traceroute from TeliaSonera to our servers now resolves as it should (tested using TeliaSonera's Looking glass service with a trace through Oslo). Don't know if they've settled their differences, but at least they don't let their customers suffer any longer. Hopefully TeliaSonera and Cogent (as well as any other service provider) can resolve any disagreements without letting it go this far in the future...

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      • evirtus
      • on the 29th of March 2008 at 03:06
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