Version notes for SparkCMS 0.3.33

After about two weeks of testing most CMS related changes and a couple of days testing the last changes to the RTE, SparkCMS 0.3.33 was rolled out a few hours ago. Moslty a continuation of the ongoing "cleanup efforts", it does however come with some nice tweaks and small new features.

Probably the only visible new feature is the addition of a "insert text element" function in the RTE, though some of the performance enhancements (both frontend and backend) are hopefully noticeable as well. In addition the update has a number of tweaks, fixes and expansions that, depending on how you use SparkCMS, might be of interest.

As always a selction of the changelog entries with some information can be found below, more detailed information may be provided upon request.

0.3.33 "abbr" (selected changelog entries, mouse-over for timestamps)

  • B: Fixed a bug with feed editing that could prevent a feed from being saved (related to manipulations)
  • B: Fixed a bug that could cause the wrong sitename to be displayed in the "Quick toggle dialog"
  • B: Moved several common language string definitions into a shared pool, improved some wordings
  • B: Fixed a bug with feed editing that prevented feeds with no optional properties from being updated
  • B: Converted the login dialog to make use of the newest forms library
  • B: Made admin menu generation use the general ReturnIfMatch() instead of using the forms library
  • B: Converted page navigation widget to make use of the newest forms library
  • X: Made it possible to use the page navigation widget in frontend functions (action is customizable)
  • B: Enabled the form catch/repost (on re-login) for modules
  • B: Fixed an issue with login-log generation that caused issues with the page navigation widget
  • B: Converted user profile form to make use of the newest forms library
  • F: Removed all references to the old forms library in all frontend functions
  • X: Some optimization of the output generated by the forms library
  • F: Converted the blog comment form to make use of the newest forms library
  • X: Forms library pulls strings from user definitions or admin language (dependant on usage)
  • X: Added possibility to output preview button from the forms library (form footers)
  • X: Forms library sets input charset from user definitions or admin deinitions (dependant on usage)
  • B: Forms catch/repost; Corrected "wrong number of arguments" error (after move to new forms library)
  • B: Forms catch/repost; Removed reset button, fixed functionality of cancel button
  • B: Forms catch/repost; Fixed issues with certain modules causing reposts not to load into form
  • B: Forms catch/repost; Fixed issues with HTML encoding of certain form fields
  • F: Elements; Added possibillity to specify secondary folder to look in if no item is found
  • F: Randomness; Added possibillity to specify secondary folder to look in if no item is found
  • F: Added configuration option to specify if output markers for no-item found should be created
  • F: Randomness; Fixed a bug that could return an error when a specific config was used
  • F: Randomness; Smarter generation of id's for caching, resulting in more cache hits
  • X: Smarter loading and usage of page-properties, reducing need to query the db for several features
  • F: Elements; Implemented server-side caching of results (based on the new Randomness routine)
  • B: Some performance enhancements for the administrative page framework
  • S: Added initial/core framework for setting up new CMS accounts
  • T: Updated, sorted and added missing descriptions for the toolbar icons in the help/about dialog
  • T: Fixed issue with missing tooltips for menu items (title defined for link not image) in Opera 9.5b
  • T: Corrected some mixed up group titles and tooltips in the xhtml attributes dialog
  • T: Fixed a bug in the xhtml attributes dialog where defined classes where added to the dynamic lists
  • T: Fixed JavaScript "divide by null error" on selecting the "none" item in the block type dropdown
  • T: Fixed issues with elements outside block containers being forced into paragraph containers
  • T: Fixed a couple minor glitches with visible button state on node changes with specific elements
  • T: Added dialog/functionality to insert various text elements (abbr, del, ins, q, cite, etc)
  • T: Various performance enhancements in the RTE (tiled button map, removed unused code, etc)

The changelog uses the following legend to indicate what parts of the CMS an entry affects

Frontend related (output)
Backend related (publisher)
Database layout
System level (administrator)
RTE editor
Affects multiple levels

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