Five new servers online

Since the previous server update posted on this blog, five new servers have been added to the web hosting cluster eVirtus!net utilizes. The servers are a mixture of http servers, a db server and lastly a new mail server.

Following the somewhat established naming conventions here at eVirtus!net, the new servers found in our hosting cluster have been given the following names (hover the server names below for some basic info);

  • New servers online

    • apus
      • Windows Web Server
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
      • Online since the 25th of March 2007
    • aquarius
      • Windows Web Server
      • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
      • Online since the 25th of March 2007
    • arcane
      • Email server
      • FreeBSD
      • Online since the 9th April 2007
    • melian
      • Unix Web Server
      • FreeBSD 6
      • Online since the 28th April 2007
    • winer
      • MySQL database server
      • FreeBSD 6
      • Online since the 7th of December 2007

All servers are availible to both new customer signups and allocation of new resources/services for excisting clients. Basic info is/will be availible on the been server monitor, more detailed information about the serves may be provided upon request.

All servers have been added to our status monitor as well, the hardware specifications are missing as none of the Oompa Loompa's have taken the time to update them. Hopefully I'll convince someone to do it in, though previous experiences keeps me from mentioning a date...

After the problems we exerienced in March and April 2008, we've moved our bits'n'bytes to a new hosting facility. As such the information in this post isn't necessarily accurate for our new setup, most likely it's entierly wrong. Updated relevant info will be availible in newer posts in the status blog, details regarding servers may be made availible in the hosting section once we've settled in...

jm, 11th of April 2008

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