Nibbler and Kodos being difficult

The last few days we've experienced various and returning problems with two of the web servers we utilize, this has resulted in some sites hosted by eVirtus!net being unavailable at times. Unfortunately the problems are out of our direct control, though we are actively working with our service providers to resolve the problems.

First and foremost this have affected customers hosted on the "Kodos" web server, though there's also been a couple minor glitches for sites hosted on the "Nibbler" web server (which actually is eVirtus!net's home server). The issues are mostly related to problems caused by some security updates that recently were installed on the Windows web servers, additionally there's been problems with the backup software on "Nibbler".

In addition to trying to work out the problems with our current providers, we're actively looking for alternative solutions to the problems we're experiencing. More detailed information about the problems and/or possible solutions may be provided upon request, though those directly affected should already be informed. If you do have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We're terribly sorry for any inconvenience this is causing. Rest assured that we're working around the clock to find permanent solutions to the problems. Thank you for your patience and continued confidence in the services eVirtus!net provides!

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