...or; How not to treat fans and influencers

Iron Man flyingImagine you're a couple of days away from premiering a much avaited and much talked about movie. Imagine that a large online community is throwing a screening, inviting 600 fans, bloggers and influencers. What would you do? If you're Marvel; send a cease and desist letter demanding the event cancelled...

This just goes to show that the larger parts of old media still have no clue about what's going on. It's actually hard to understand how it's possible, that one lawyer doing so little work can turn a perfect PR opportunity like this, into a PR nightmare that does nothing but alienate fans.

Since this story first got some traction, Marvel has retracted the demand and given TC the go-ahead to host the screening. They're claiming the "big missunderstand" defense (something about Oracle having an event at the same location and complaining about the "competition") and seem to be working hard to smooth things over. Still this is something that never should have happened and something they had quite a few opportunities to fix this early on. Only after TC spent $2000 in legal fees and considerable coverage across the web did they change their position.

Pepper Potts: What's going on here?
Tony Stark: Let's face it. This it not the worst thing you've caught me doing...

PS! If I haven't gotten the time zone conversion entierly wrong, as I post this the screening should well under way. Oh and the title of this post, it's supposed to be a stab towards the lawyers who seems to always end with the money... :-)


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