...or; What if the shoe were on the other foot?

Stumbled across this little gem earlier today on Twitter; A new music video from Radiohead for "All I Need", made in collaboration with MTV to raise awareness of the EXIT campaign. The video, definitively worth 3:48 of your time, makes one of the best and most intense songs from "In Rainbows" even more powerful.

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Certainly one of the better music videos I've seen in a while. Also goes to show that music often (if not always) is much better when it has some substance. Something I normally feel that most artists are missing between the various incarnations of Band Aid / Live Aid (though as with most things, there are some exceptions).

MTV EXIT is a campaign about freedom -- about our rights as human beings to choose where we live, where we work, who our friends are, and who we love. Most of us take these freedoms for granted, but hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world have had these basic human rights taken away. They are victims of trafficking – modern-day slaves -- and criminals have forced, defrauded, or coerced them into various forms of labor, or prostitution.

More information about the campaign can be found at mtvexit.org. MTV has also posted an interesting article about the collaboration as well as a lengthier variant of the video interview with Yorke.

It's also kind of interesting that the video is directed by Steve Rogers (of Revolver Film), interesting because he previously has directed several campaign-videos for Nike. By this I'm not in any way implying that Nike does produce its products in sweatshops (though many others would argue just that) or that Rogers is riddled with guilt from creating such great videos promoting the swoosh. It does however make me question the decision not to use sneakers in the video, all the time sneakers must be the product most commonly linked with sweatshops.


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