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As time, trends and technology have degraded the design of eVirtus!net, it has recently become been painfully clear for some time that a major redesign of the site was unavoidable. I'm also using this opportunity to implement some other changes to the site's setup, so expect some weirdness while I realign the bits 'n pieces.

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Hopefully the core parts of the "new" site will be up and running shortly, though some aspects (such as print and handheld styles) are at least a couple of days of. The same is also the case for some scripts and enhancements that have been utilized on the site in its previous revisions, although not all will be revived, I'm planning on re-implementing the more useful ones in the next few days. The thumbnail should at least give you an indication of what the new design looks like (as well as help determine if you're seeing it).

While I work on reconfiguring the site, I'm turning on the "extreme caching" functionality of the CMS. As such most documents will be served directly from the server-side cache (without checking if a newer version exist in the db). This should let med reconfigure most features of the site without totally breaking it and avoid the worst weirdness, though this will obviously also result in some outdated copies of pages being served. If everything goes as planned, the site will stay in this state for less than an hour.

So excuse me while I redesign. Enjoy another corner of the web for a while and eVirtus!net should be back in its new and improved form in just a little while!...


  1. Re: Purple haze

    • I finished the actual update a couple hours ago. Have done some testing, so far everything seems to be working as intended. As such the site is running the normal configuration again. Only thing left to do is to update the last-modified timestamp for all documents (to ensure browsers/bots grabs the updated document). Please let me know if you notice any glitches I've missed...

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      • Posted by
      • evirtus
      • on the 20th of June 2008 at 04:25
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