Version notes for SparkCMS 0.3.37

After successfully testing the changes here at eVirtus!net, all servers powered by SparkCMS have been updated to version 0.3.37. The update fixes a few bugs and annoyances, comes with a few UI tweaks and adds some functionality to the link dialog.

Possibly the most important changes in this version, is the bug fixes to the form repost functionality (the functionality that catches and reposts values from forms on session timeout / re-login). The functionality worked as intended when auto-re-login was triggered, though failed when users had to manually re-login (iow; when a username and password was required to log back in). Not entirely sure, but it may just be that this bug was introduced with version 0.3.33 back in April.

As for the UI changes, the most noticable changes is possibly that quite a few text placeholders have been removed (in a couple of places replaced by the appropriate text) and that the main edit icon has been moved to the start of the line in content listings. Lastly a new option have been enabled in the insert link dialog; "local file" makes it much easier to link to images, pdf's and all other files that's stored in public folders.

A selection of the changelog entries with some information about the changes can be found below, more detailed information may be provided upon request.

0.3.37a "Continuum" (selected changelog entries, timestamps in title attributes)

  • B: Made the titles etc of main content editing forms content type aware
  • B: Removed a few unused placeholders for text in the main content forms
  • B: Consolidated a few strings and groups in the admin language definitions
  • B: Form reposts (at re-login after session timeouts) are loaded into the edit form again
  • B: Reorganized contents listings so that the main item icon leads to the edit form
  • B: Corrected initial value for published time and date (was adjusted to publisher twice)
  • T: Link dialog; Some minor adjustments to placement and behaviour of some buttons
  • B: Fixed a bug that could prevent "form reposts" from working on session timeouts with full re-login
  • T: Link dialog; Added browse for local files functionality and enabled the local files menu item

0.3.37b "Re:Continuum" (selected changelog entries, timestamps in title attributes)

  • X: Fixed a critical bug where certain valid IP's where blocked (including an Opera proxy server)
  • X: Updated the global IP-blocks (based on IANA's list of reserved and unallocated addresses)
  • X: Removed some IPs from the global block-list (hackers and abusers assumed to have moved on)

0.3.37b "Re:Continuum2" (selected changelog entries, timestamps in title attributes)

  • B: Fixed a bug that, in specific forms, prevented years later than 2010 to be selected
  • X: Fixed an error in the Norwegian DST definitions for 2011 (that caused all kinds of problems)

The changelog uses the following legend to indicate what parts of the CMS an entry affects

Frontend related (output)
Backend related (publisher)
Database layout
System level (administrator)
RTE editor
Affects multiple levels

A big thank you to Cecilie for interesting comments, thorough testing and skillful bug-hunting! This version would definitively not have been the same without all your help. Much appreciated!

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