...or; iPhone iPhone, iPhone. iPhone & iPhone

I'm entirely done with stuff related to the JesusPhone iPhone. Learned this the other day when I noticed I'd skipped a blog post by Dave Winer I normally would have read, without even considering the contents, just because of a prominently placed photo of an iPhone.

You might already have guessed that I'm not the worlds biggest iPhone fan. Don't own an iPhone, nor have I considered acquiring one. Don't get me wrong, its probably a wonderful device, its just not what I'm looking for in a smartphone. That said, I have been following it with some interest; What it has done for the mobile web is rather interesting, in some respects really impressing. Thing is, everybody (and their mother) have written about it at least once, reviewed it, tweeted about tweeting from it, commented on it and many restart the process every time a new firmware is released. For someone who's only somewhat interested to begin with, thinks it's a mediocre mobile phone and that Steve Jobs isn't our saviour; There comes a point when enough is more than enough.

I'm way passed this point.

Looking at Dave's post, there's nothing really extraordinary about it. Five paragraphs of text, a few links and an illustration for one of the topics in the post. However, the initial image my mind creates of the post looks something like this...

Dave's blog post in Google Reader, with a shining image of an iPhone casting a shadow over the rest of the contents


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