...or; Still wondering why people pirate your stuff?

A pixelated Tony Stark ("The Iron Man") reaching for the Pirate Bay logo

The web lit up yesterday on Tuesday on account of Iron Man being released on Blue-Ray and DVD, a release I've been waiting for given that I really want to see this movie but haven't had the opportunity. Thus you might think I have the evening planned, but alas, I haven't1; the release is US-only and I'm expected to wait yet another month...

Together with the Max Payne movie adoption, Iron Man is actually one of the few movies I really have wanted to see since the release of LOTR and H2G22. I really prefer watching movies in a good theater, though where we live there's only "Bygdekinoen"3 and as such our living room often becomes the preferred location to watch movies. The point of all of this being that I was ready to buy the DVD, I'd actually "put it in my shopping basket" before i noticed that it wasn't available before the 27th of October. Come on...

Here I was thinking that piracy was one of the larger worries the movie industry had. That they're doing everything in their power to persuade consumers into continue buying those plastic discs with movies crippled by DRM. With all the nice packaging, special editions and store exclusives, I actually had the impression that Paramount had picked up a thing or two. Guess I was wrong.

The first rule in reducing piracy has to be to make the content available to consumers. Ideally it should be made easily available in the format consumers want and are willing to pay for (personally I'd want, just as finally we're getting DRM-free music, DRM-free DivX or Xvid files). Although it's about the least available option, once released in the US, making it available on DVD here as well, is the very least you should do. Or as NRKbeta so eloquently formulates it;

The only way to control your content is to be the best provider of it.

Update: Iron Man is available on DVD in Norway!

Added on the 3rd of October 2008 @ 17:25.

Turns out that Iron Man actually is available on DVD in Norway. Mostly because there aren't anywhere to shop for DVDs where we live, we usually buy DVDs online. Mostly due to lower prices and shorter delivery times(!), we usually shop at sites based in the UK. For whatever the reason, the UK DVD release isn't before the 27th of October 2008 (see Play.com or Amazon UK), this made me assume that the Norwegian release was the same. (AFAIK, release dates across Europe are usually are about the same.)

Even so, given that the DVD isn't available in the UK I do believe the point I'm trying make is a valid one. So for this post, just imagine I'm based in the UK and Tesco won't let me buy the darned thing before the 27th (or substitute "Iron Man" for any other movie with differentiated release dates)...

  1. I do actually have the evening planned. However, what I've got planned does not include watching the Iron Man on DVD. Though I'm pretty sure I'll have a good time regardless. (locate)
  2. After having seen both the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Hichhikers Guide to the Galaxy, there was sort of a void in my life. There wasn't really any movies I wanted to see, longed for the release of or hoping would be made. Mind you, I have enjoyed quite a few movies since seeing H2G2, but that longing feeling have, for whatever the reason, been missing. (locate)
  3. Bygdekinoen is a governmental institution responsible for running "portable cinemas" in places without permanent theaters (most smaller Norwegian places). They visit Sørumsand once a month, usually showing two movies each time. Although it has evolved a lot over the years, it's nowhere near todays theaters when it comes to quality and comfort. (locate)


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