Control panel upgrade

On Sunday the 5th of Octover the CP will be upgraded to the latest stable release version of H-Sphere (version 3.1 patch 1). For the most parts this only affects the Hosting CP and webmail access, though some downtime for other servers will occur.

While the CP and webmail servers will be unavailable during the complete maintenance window, other servers (mail, web and database) will be unavailable in shorter periods of time. This will happen when the individual components are upgraded and cannot be avoided (due to required reboots etc).

This upgrade contains numerous new features, bug fixes and updates. For detailed information on what's new, updated and/or modified, please see the official H-Sphere release notes.

Before the upgrade can be installed, its required that all third party CP add-ons (custom skins, support selector, webmail selector, etc) are uninstalled. Most add-ons will be uninstalled during Friday the 3rd, while the more important ones (such as the fraud check) will be uninstalled just prior to the update. The add-ons will be re-installed once the upgrade is performed.

These maintenance tasks are required to ensure that performance and reliability is kept at the highest possible level. Some downtime is unavoidable, though we will do our best to keep any downtime to a minimum. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Maintenance notice for the 5th of October 2008
H-Sphere Hosting Control Panel upgrade
Hosting control panel
Frontend web-servers (only sporadic)
Backend web servers (only sporadic)
Webmail servers
In- and outbound mail servers (only sporadic)
5th of October 2008, 13:00 (UTC)
2 hour maintenance window for the CP upgrade.
Sporadic service unavailability will occur for other services.

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