...or; Not making any new-years resolutions

Ok. So once again I've neglected my blog. I need to stop doing that. But first I need to start posting again. So for the last few days I've been trying hard to find the right post to restart the blog. Though I haven't found anything suitable, so instead I give you this; The absolutely extraordinary "I'm back again" post...

This started a few days ago while I was doing some house cleaning in Reader. When looking for feeds I could drop, I noticed I'd made it onto the "Top 40" list with patterns of activity. The top 40 list for inactive feeds. If you take a look at my publishing trends / feed details from Reader (see the screenshot below revealing the sad truth below), you'll quickly understand why I've entered onto the not so exclusive list of people neglecting their blogs 'n' websites...

A graph (from Google Reader) that shows clearly that there's been no activity on eVirtus!net for the last 30 days...

Given that I spend my days working on creating a CMS, this isn't good enough. Although I use SparkCMS each and every day locally (obviously I need to use it when working on it), I need to use online/publicly in order to document that actually do eat my own dog food.

So for the last few days I've been trying to find the right post to get me back on track. Up until now I'd written several half-finished posts, some good headlines, had a few good and quite a few bad ideas. But nothing that said "Sorry that I've been silent for such a long time. It's not you, it's me. It hasn't been intentional. Blogging ain't dead - neither is this blog!" So after once more looking through my "Drafts and ideas" folder (that special folder containing all the good ideas for future posts I wish I'd already written), not finding anything I wanted to write and/or publish; It felt like the perfect time for a fresh start, maybe I'd remove some of the guilt as well - as such I deleted everything in that folder. Instantly a feeling of releif, instantly the want to write/publish something came back.

Hence this crap post. An all time low and absolute proof that I've lowered the threshold for what I can publish on this site. Hopefully this will lead to an increase in activity and some good posts in the coming months. Everything without making any stupid new-years resolutions with promises I cannot guarantee to keep.

Merry Christmas! And if it does happen that I don't post anything else before the end of the year; Have a peaceful new year!


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