...or; How to add webmail providers in Opera 10

The latest Opera 10 snapshot comes with a nice feature that lets you use webmail services as handler for mailto links. While I normally use Thunderbird, the ability to open mailto links directly in the webmail interface will definitively be useful in certain situations. One problem to solve first; my email provider(s) aren't available by default.

It took some time before I thought about looking in other locations than the user profile directory, though once I did I quickly located the webmail service provider configurations in a separate file found in the shared defaults folder; %ProgramFiles%operadefaultswebmailproviders.ini While this is an ok location for the default set of providers, I hope the release version will have a user-specific location for user-defined providers.

Regardless. Take a look at the file and you'll find that is has configuration details for the default provides (currently Gmail, Yahoo! mail and Windows Live Hotmail). Each provider will have a section that looks something like this.


The keys and values should be pretty self-explanatory. Note however the somewhat uncommon usage of the (displayed) title as the group identifier, while the actual id is a normal key/value pair. The one special value in a configuration, is the "%s" of the URL; This will be replaced with whatever values the mailto-link has for a message and its headers. There's no established standard for how these URLs should be crafted, so where this goes in the URLis determined solely by your email service provider.

For the services I've added, FastMail.FM and Innboks.NET (a domain I use with Google Apps, simply swap domain name to use with other Google Apps powered domains), I ended up with the following entries:


;Google Apps for domains

Remember to restart the browser to load the newly added services. Email handler for mailto links is configured under [advanced>programs>mailto] in the preferences dialog (as shown in the screenshot below).

Mailto handlers in the Opera 10 (alpha) prefrences dialog

Below there's some example links you can use to test your configuration. They should also be suitable to see what your email application or webmail provider does with the various links/values.

  1. basic: Just the email address
  2. common: Email address and subject
  3. named: Named recipient and subject
  4. advanced: named recipients, a predefined body and several other headers

Although I have no idea about the technical correctness of these links, I can confirm that all worked as intended with both FastMail.FM's webmail and Thunderbird as the mailto handler in Opera. Both did however ignore my attempt to add an x-source header.


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