...or; The first snowfall of the winter

Hard to describe really, how the tiniest amount of snow changes things.

HTC Sense (Windows Phone UI) screenshot, weather forecast showing clouds and snow flurriesAll day yesterday I had to smile whenever I've looked at my phone; the forecast were for snow flurries and accordingly my “home-screen” got all snowed down. A totally useless feature (of the Sense UI) that mostly just slows the phone down and eats battery, especially useless given that I don't actually trust the data utilized to make the forecast. Still, for whatever reason, I prefer to keep the feature turned on...

Other bits of seemingly useless information; Here at Sørumsand, the first snow this winter came yesterday evening, in other words the evening of the 21st of October. It was only the tiniest amount of snow, in all likelihood it will be gone in a couple of hours...

Wildly unrelated, still if you wish, this post may serve as a rather good metaphor for Greenberg; While the snow does lighten things up a bit, ultimately it's rather pointless.


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