...or; Why it isn't the law that needs changing

Having just read that we [as in Norway] are looking to change our intellectual property right law (possibly by adapting IPRED) to help fight illegal file-sharing, news reached me that NPR were streaming Danger Mouses latest album. A couple of songs into the album I decided to buy it...

NPR featured two links to buy the album (and in the process support NPR); I followed their link to Amazon only to learn that “Rome” (at least on CD & LP, no mention of downloads) wouldn't be released until the 17th of May. Obviously. Makes sense (not like I'm listening to it or anything)...

This did however remind me of another album by Danger Mouse (with Sparklehorse); Dark Night of the Soul – the album (including a book of photos taken by David Lynch) that (mostly due to EMIs stupidity and stubbornness) initially ended up being sold with a blank CD-R and a message that (more or less) encouraged pirating the music...

“For legal Reasons, enclosed CD-R contains no music. Use it as you will.”

I vaguely remember a mention that the album were properly released, though for various reasons I never got around to buying it (mostly because I forgot about it). I quickly found the album and upon learning that the album had to new/exclusive tracks I once again were ready to buy an album. Once again I clicked a buy button. But alas - buying mp3's from Amazon is not available outside the US. Obviously. Makes sense (not like the bits'n'bytes are transferred across imaginary lines in the ground that easily)...

I'm used to artificial limitations like this from the entertainment industry, so I weren't that surprised (annoying nonetheless). It did however remind of Spotify (as it's one of the few services that's available here, but not in the US) who recently added the option to buy music from within the application. So I thought I'd try this new functionality; again I easily found the album and sure enough Spotify now featured a prominently placed button to buy the album. For the third time in minutes I clicked a buy button...

Spotify just failed – didn't even try to give me a proper error message or the slightest indication as to why it didn't work. As to add insult to injury, even Spotifys banner advertisement failed to display.

At this point I simply gave up.


To rule out any fluke problems at Spotify, since my initial attempt I've tried to buy the album from Spotify several times, also tried buying an album by a different artist. While I've seen a couple banner ads, otherwise the attempts have resulted in the same, less than helpful message about purchases being unavailable.


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    • Hi! Sorry this comment is not relevant to this article - I couldn't find any other way to contact you. I have a few questions I hope you can answer. I've been asked to take over a site which appears to have been built with your Spark CMS. Is this CMS in some way proprietary? Would I need to purchase it? Can you recommend the best way to take over a Spark CMS site? Thanks!

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