So long, and thanks for all the fish!

After all the problems we've been experiencing with our (now) previous hosting provider, eVirtus!net have once again packed up and moved its bits'n'bytes to a new hosting facility. All hosted sites are in the process of being moved and should soon be able to enjoy the joys of improved performance and reliability. This post marks the start of the process, by confirming that eVirtus!net now is being served from a new location.

For sites hosted at eVirtus!net there's several practical changes; New nameservers, slightly different FTP setup, the hosting CP is at a new location, most web interfaces (webmail, SQL tools management tools, etc) is at new locations (most are easily found from the CP) and several other minor changes. Though the most important changes should be the improved performance and reliability.

The transition should be fully completed within the next couple of days.

I'll be ready for new adventures as soon as I can find my favorite towel!..

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