Twittering from Opera

Always looking to save a second or two on repetitive tasks, I figured I'd check if Opera's magnificent keyword search feature could be used to post status updates to Twitter. Utilizing Twitters powerful API, I had this working within minutes...

Provided the opportunity

The web lit up yesterday on Tuesday on account of Iron Man being released on Blue-Ray and DVD, a release I've been waiting for given that I really want to see this movie but haven't had the opportunity. Thus you might think I have the evening planned, but alas, I haven't1; the release is US-only and I'm expected to wait yet another month...

iPhone exhaustion

I'm entirely done with stuff related to the JesusPhone iPhone. Learned this the other day when I noticed I'd skipped a blog post by Dave Winer I normally would have read, without even considering the contents, just because of a prominently placed photo of an iPhone.

Microsoft's dead maps

Again the logic escapes me; why use a lot of resources to develop a great looking and useful web service, then hinder adaption by adding artificial barriers. Again Opera users are erroneously told by Microsoft their browser can't do things it certainly can, this time they've seemingly also tricked the BBC to help spread their FUD.

Purple haze

As time, trends and technology have degraded the design of eVirtus!net, it has recently become been painfully clear for some time that a major redesign of the site was unavoidable. I'm also using this opportunity to implement some other changes to the site's setup, so expect some weirdness while I realign the bits 'n pieces.

Exit music (for a film)

Stumbled across this little gem earlier today on Twitter; A new music video from Radiohead for "All I Need", made in collaboration with MTV to raise awareness of the EXIT campaign. The video, definitively worth 3:48 of your time, makes one of the best and most intense songs from "In Rainbows" even more powerful.

The Rubberbandman

Iron Man flyingImagine you're a couple of days away from premiering a much avaited and much talked about movie. Imagine that a large online community is throwing a screening, inviting 600 fans, bloggers and influencers. What would you do? If you're Marvel; send a cease and desist letter demanding the event cancelled...

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