T&B Hansen sucks

There are problems with the internet connection again. The last few days minor glitches and outages have become more frequent, and at times the connection have been really sluggish. There's been the occasional disturbances on our TV signals as well. To top it off, presently both have been out/down for several hours.

Memes and playlists

Although utterly meaningless, blog memes have a strange and enticing effect on me. I've never cared much for chain letters, AFAIK I've never sent one on, but it's digital cousin sometimes traps me. As I've yet to post a meme on this blog, I found this to be a perfect opportunity to do so. Browsing through other peoples record collections are something that always have fascinated me...

SparkCMS 0.3.1

Yesterdays upload of Spark CMS has several new features, although most won't be really useful until other features have been implemented. New functionality include a new method for displaying author/user information and functionality for displaying comments on blog posts. Other than this there are several minor bug fixes and general improvements to the core framework of the CMS.

ASP grAvatars

I've been caught completely of guard by the amount of blogs adding support for avatars recently, from (for me) completely unknown bloggers to people on that famous a-list. Initially it struck me was that both hackers and the not so tech-savvy bloggers started implementing this feature at about the same time, without any official support for avatars in their blogging packages. Then (via Neil Turner) I stumbled upon the solution; gravatars, or rather Globally Recognized Avatars...

Gecko border bug

Seems as though I've stumbled onto a bug in Gecko (HTML rendering engine of Mozilla products), or at least something I believe to be a bug. I can't think of any other reason for the behavior I'm experiencing, it's not possible to purposely style an element to behave this way and other browsers render it just fine. So for all intents an purposes this is a bug, which has the unwanted result of only partially drawing borders on (certain) positioned unordered lists.

SparkCMS 0.3.0

I just uploaded another revision with (mostly) framework related updates. This revision boosts a complete change of all output methods. Although better generation times may be noticed, most importantly this made a completely different model for server side caching possible. The update also fixes some validation issues with the "Pre-generated output" message and adds some configuration/output options to <title> tags.

SparkCMS 0.2.1

I've finalized the changes to the URI structure I warned about in the previous release post. To minimize any future linking problems I'm uploading a new version with this as the only changes. Hence this quick update and short posting.

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