New sparks, new blog

I've just uploaded a new version of Spark CMS to eVirtus!net. No really major (visible) updates this time either, several smaller bug fixes and improvements have been implemented though. Though with the upload comes several modifications to the sites design and a separate blog service status notifications have been created.

SparkCMS 0.2.0

I've just uploaded a new version of Spark CMS to eVirtus!net. Other than the occasional bug fixes, the only new features that's visible is the inclusion of AccesKey definitions and relational notation for menu links. The most important major features includes server side caching of output, client side support for "304/Not Modified" and vastly improved doc type handling.

Basic IE helpers

When developing websites, the fact that IE currently is dominating the browser market really is a mystery. It's the browser with the most bugs and least exiting features, its support for standards is crappy at best and there are way better free alternatives. I haven't really used any advanced features of the other browsers yet, problem is that IE fails at even the most basic stuff such as PNG images, abbr tags and CSS pseudo elements. So we need to give IE some help...

Quick update

Ok, I've managed to debug and correct the JavaScript problems I wrote about in the previous post. Things should be working in most modern browsers! Furthermore I've also applied a bit more styling to the site and written a new IE helper for PNG images. Right now I'm tired and going to bed, so I'll leave it for tomorrow to write something informational about it...

Days become weeks

Firstly I must deny the rumours of my death ;-) I'm by all means very much alive. I guess it's my own fault for doing this [redesign] live. So for a fast explanation of how a "couple of days" became more like three weeks I just have to say that in the middle of the process I decided to (and later have rewritten) the entire CMS. Though the last week mostly has been lost due to the fact that I've been sick, I have by no means been derailed from the development of this site!

(Un-)pretty colors

Creating a CSS design always has that little element of chaos, not being sure it you've got the right selector or not. A smart little trick is to start of by setting the background color of all the different elements. This way you'll be able to check that all selectors are correct, as well as having a simple way of telling them apart.

Redesign resumed

After several weeks with a really crappy internet connection, we've experienced both good speed and stability the last couple of days (*knocks on wood*). I've actually been able to send and receive email, read blogs and get my daily dose of current events! Might sound like the most trivial thing in the world, but with the recent problems we've been experiencing this really is a big thing...

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