An open web?

Remember the good old days? When every known website in the galaxy featured a shiny button with the words "Best viewed in browser X", prominently placed on a splash page or maybe on a separate error page. Using a different browser than the one preferred by the site designer, more than occasionally meant that the complete site would be unavailable. Well I do remember, and to be honest it wasn't anything good about it!

Less toxic than table salt!

Google let us in on another little fact about their operations the other day. They've set up a shuttle service to transport the Googlers from San Francisco to the Googleplex. Nothing revolutionary in itself, but in accordance with the Google mantra of "do no evil" the shuttle is powered biodiesel.

Valid commenting

Mostly due to implementing the newly created email validation regexp, the comment validation of the blog/CMS software has been improved upon a bit. Not only is the email validation drastically improved, but other (more subtle) improvements connected to the usage of the original regexp have found its way into the process as well.

Email validation

A good email validator is an indispensable tool to aid in fighting spam and other common problems with web forms. Creating a function that correctly identifies and approves the different aspects of an email address can be a challenging task. Utilizing the powers of regular expressions to do this can greatly simplify the work needed, but grasping regex's can be a daunting task in itself. This article won't do much to teach you regex's, however I will provide an expression that can be used to validate an email address.

ASP IP Converter

Several of the projects I'm working on deals with IP addresses, and quite often I need to store these in databases. A major goal when working with databases is making them as small as possible (to create fast apps), as such storing a IP's as a text-strings isn't a viable solution when they can be stored as numbers. To aid with this conversion I have a ready made function in my code library that often gets used...

Yet another aggregator

Just to spike your curiosity I thought I'd blog something about the new software project I'm working on. Don't remember exactly when I started on it, but I can see from the file time stamps that there's files created in March. It's not a revolutionary new concept, but I feel I have several new ideas that will make for a special app. That's why I'm creating yet another feed aggregator...

Impressive vanishing act!

I might go totally ape-shit one day, but at the moment I've avoided the potential crisis. Once again it's IE's buggy rendering engine that's causing me problems, again nearly making me loose my few remaining marbles. Today, out of the blue, random headings across this site suddenly did an impressive vanishing act. The problem was that I really wanted them there, and in no way tried to make them disappear.

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