Revised css a behaviours

Ok, I might be slow... Just found David Baron's site and read "Notes on suggesting link styles" originally posted back in September 1999. Initially the article makes sense to me, the technique also solves a couple of (really anoying) problems with named anchors, so after a bit of reaserch I'm implementing a solution based on his article.

kill.exe forum /y

Possibly even less interesting than my first post here at the Spark|blog, comes this post about the removal of the forums. Mostly used for closed discussions with clients and co-conspirators (and as such had little (if any) to offer the casual surfer), they've have attracted way to much unwanted attention and work related to this. So the decision to kill it was rather simple.

3-column layout draft

Finally it seems as though I've finished with my first larger CSS layout project. To rediscover the secrets of CSS I leaped into the work of creating my mandatory 3-column CSS design. I've worked with CSS designs in the past, but never created a CSS-only design, so this was meant to be sort of a "learning by doing" project. When starting I had some specific goals, most of which I think I got covered.

And so it begins...

Well, everything has to start somewhere; Spark starts here. No wise statements, no entertaining jokes, no grand opening. Just a simple post to get the basic communications with the site' database working...

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