Advanced multitasking

I'm in the midst of reading a post by Michael Lopp about how most nerds have the ability and/or bad habit to multitask extensively. I won't even try to deny that I do this, though I like to think I'm keeping it on manageable levels. It is however fascinating to see what actually goes on from time to time.

Breaking news!

Browser address bar with web feed iconFinally that wonderful orange icon appears in the browsers address bar1 when visiting eVirtus!net. More important though, the reason why it appears; The blogs on this site finally have feeds!

The value of links

While the rest of the world is busy fighting spam, several (more or less) credible sites have given up the battle and instead begun spamming themselves. I would have been perfectly ok with this self-destructive behavior hadn't been for one innocent victim; the hyperlink.

Echoes & silence

Just as As lightning from a clear blue sky, I just stumbled across a new music video from the Foo Fighters. Great song, great video and well worth 04:40 of your time! Now, why the h£@$ did I not know anything about FFs' upcomming album.

I wanna rock!

Here's a nice blast from the past, back from the good old days when rock was hairy and MTV still played music videos; Twisted Sister. Although I've never been a TS fan, I must admit that (re)listening to their monster-hits puts me in a good mood.

On reinventing HTML

There's been a lot of talk lately about the future of HTML, what, by who and how any new developments should be implemented. The discussion escalated with the realization that we still need HTML and the WHATWG asking for comments. These are my initial thoughts on the subject...

Remap your brain

About 18 months ago, Scott Adams was (the creator of Dilbert) diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia. With no known cure and (according to his doctor) a recovery chance of zero; What do you do? Well, if you're the creative and optimistic type, you hack your brain and find a way to remap how speech is generated!

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