Is this thing on?

The last few days I've spent a lot of time adding support for (external) video hosting services into SparkCMS. Although this should have been a straight-forward task, when combining browser-glitches, standards ignoring Flash inclusion and the USPTO this becomes rather troublesome. Though, I'm nearly there...

The Eolas Wreckage

One of the more annoying developments with web browsers the last few years, is the "Click here to activate" feature for plugin content. Something that for the average user may just come across as poor UI design, is actually an example of how stupid software patents can be.

PDF on steroids

I've always felt that PDF as a concept is a great idea, when used appropriately it's a great way to share and archive information. Though the last few years I've really started to dislike PDFs, the usefulness of the format haven't lessened, it's simply because Adobe's Reader have bloated into something totally unusable.

Canned Expressionism

Yesterday morning (after a couple hours sleep) I realized I'd been working on integrating TinyMCE into SparkCMS for roughly 40 of the last 48 hours. So when Jason Kottke posted about his new found love of cans as a medium, I jumped opportunity for a diversion from my daily routine and set out to create my own photo can...

Wasting ink?

Although this site show very little proof of it, I've been thinking a lot about printing websites lately. How, if at all, our beloved digital media should relate to its analog cousin, if people print anything from the web, if these printouts serve any purpose or if its just wasting ink. Then deciding to take a stab at making printouts more accessible and more valuable.

Ctrl+P, Print?

Does anybody print from the web? Personally I can't remember the last time I actually printed a page of the web. If I need to share something from the web I usually just copy, paste and send an email, occasionally just passing the URI along (via email or other means).

Coke & Mentos Extreme

A couple of friends visited this weekend and at one point we got into an discussion about the Diet Coke & Mentos trick. Wanted to show 'em the extreme edition but I could not for the life of me remember what the people behind it called themselves or where to find the video. Well I finally figured it out...

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