No more excuses

Although it may be the least exciting Opera release ever when it comes to new features and functionality, version 8.5 is a major milestone in Opera's ten year history; as Opera Eliminates Ad Banner and Licensing Fee!

Browser security issues

This post is just to create an easy to access overview of Secunias security issue resolution statistics for the major web browsers. Mostly for my own usage, but as others may find I've decided to post it to the blog. All graphs are linked to the corresponding product's vulnerability report at Secunia.

The LifeStraw

I don't know what they talked about last week in Stockholm, but hopefully news of the LifeStraw reached the world's diverse water community as well. The LifeStraw is a water purification tool that has the potential of becoming one of the greatest life-savers in modern history.

Celebrate Opera!

Opera is celebrating its 10 year anniversary today. Although the online anniversary party has ended, the anniversary site is still available with games, historic imagery, transcripts from the IRC sessions and several other treats. Oh; and there's party favors for everyone, $39 worth of party favors...

A List Apart 4.0

A List Apart may quite possibly the best source of information for web designers and developers, as such I was becoming a bit worried given that the last issue dates back to the 24th of may. Well, issue #201 is out and the magazine for people who make websites have received a stunning makeover.

T&B Hansen Reloaded!

Ok, so I'll have to admit that I've given T&B Hansen a rather hard time for their unresponsiveness to my email inquiries. Even though they still aren't replying to my emails, they're doing some things I really appreciate as well, so here's some well earned praise.

Covering the coverage

When Hurricane Dennis hit the states, Chris Pirillo made an hilarious coverage of the media coverage of it. The parody is dead-on when it comes to the modern medias tendency to let sensationalism replace journalism.

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