Useless features

Hard to describe really, how the tiniest amount of snow changes things.

Heavy transport

Closeup of a snail crawling along a wooden fence, in the background a (blurry) truck can be seen moving in high speed.

Using webmail for mailtos

The latest Opera 10 snapshot comes with a nice feature that lets you use webmail services as handler for mailto links. While I normally use Thunderbird, the ability to open mailto links directly in the webmail interface will definitively be useful in certain situations. One problem to solve first; my email provider(s) aren't available by default.

Dilbert, the entrepreneur!

In what's likely the least covert product placements in, well, the history of life, the universe and everything, Scott Adams have during the last three strips had Dilbert secure venture capitol and launch a web service. The twist being that the service actually is launching outside the comic. I took the bait1 and dutifully directed my browser to DilbertFiles.

Twittering from Opera

Always looking to save a second or two on repetitive tasks, I figured I'd check if Opera's magnificent keyword search feature could be used to post status updates to Twitter. Utilizing Twitters powerful API, I had this working within minutes...

Provided the opportunity

The web lit up yesterday on Tuesday on account of Iron Man being released on Blue-Ray and DVD, a release I've been waiting for given that I really want to see this movie but haven't had the opportunity. Thus you might think I have the evening planned, but alas, I haven't1; the release is US-only and I'm expected to wait yet another month...

iPhone exhaustion

I'm entirely done with stuff related to the JesusPhone iPhone. Learned this the other day when I noticed I'd skipped a blog post by Dave Winer I normally would have read, without even considering the contents, just because of a prominently placed photo of an iPhone.

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