Pixelated passage

At first you might think it's a stripped down Zelda clone, but you quickly find there's fewer actions to perform, blockier graphics, simpler sounds and less story. Then it hits you right in the face and you realize that Passage is so much more than the 100*16 pixels you see on screen.

This *is* not news!

For one or another reason I opened NRKs "foreign news" section today (I usually don't as I use a feed reader). Their top story; "Nå «is» det over". I could have understood it if it was Read/WriteWeb, TechCrunch or if Scoble had pushed it to the top of TechMeme. But not as the top foreign news story on what's supposed to be the most credible and serious news source here in Norway. WTF?

The Spin Doctors

Whenever Apple launches something the blogosphere lights up, as such it's been impossible to miss the much hyped Leopard update. Advertised as an innovative update to a innovative product, even I was tempted to take a look at the "what's new" documentation. Oh man their marketing of Safari annoys me...

Irrational disruptions

Nearly a day without access to my feeds and a couple of days (mostly) without net connectivity have made me realize that I'm irrational. It also made me think of a post Simon Willison where he's quoting Matt Mullenweg, about unplugging from the net to be more efficient. Matt's wrong.

Remap your brain

About 18 months ago, Scott Adams was (the creator of Dilbert) diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia. With no known cure and (according to his doctor) a recovery chance of zero; What do you do? Well, if you're the creative and optimistic type, you hack your brain and find a way to remap how speech is generated!

PDF on steroids

I've always felt that PDF as a concept is a great idea, when used appropriately it's a great way to share and archive information. Though the last few years I've really started to dislike PDFs, the usefulness of the format haven't lessened, it's simply because Adobe's Reader have bloated into something totally unusable.

Canned Expressionism

Yesterday morning (after a couple hours sleep) I realized I'd been working on integrating TinyMCE into SparkCMS for roughly 40 of the last 48 hours. So when Jason Kottke posted about his new found love of cans as a medium, I jumped opportunity for a diversion from my daily routine and set out to create my own photo can...

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