Covering the coverage

When Hurricane Dennis hit the states, Chris Pirillo made an hilarious coverage of the media coverage of it. The parody is dead-on when it comes to the modern medias tendency to let sensationalism replace journalism.

IE7 disappoints

I've had the opportunity to take the first beta of IE7 for a quick spin. After a couple of days of sporadic usage, I'm not all that impressed. In fact I'm rather disappointed. Basically for all the same reasons as before; the lack off support for the established web standards.

One opportunity

50,000 people are dying, needlessly, every day of extreme poverty. At this year's G8 summit meeting, it is within your power to put an end to this tragedy. It is an extraordinary opportunity which it would be shameful to ignore.

Thoughts on Opera 8

A little more than a month has passed since Opera released version 8.0. It's been a month where I've increasingly enjoyed using the web again. And as far as browsers go, Opera 8 is the closest to thing to perfection I've used. This is not intended to be read as a review, it's just some of my thoughts and impressions on the new version.

Ice is back...

I've just spent the last couple of hours reading up on Vanilla Ice! Yes, you read that correctly. Yes, I've voluntarily spent the last couple of hours reading up on Robert Van Winkle, aka V-Ice, aka Vanilla Ice. I must admit that I'm pretty amazed by some of the stuff I discovered, such as his music not sucking anywhere near as much as I imagined it would...

Playboy Bill

Here's something to keep in mind when considering that PR photo shoot. When the photographer asks you to "feel sexy and look into the camera", just think of these pictures of Bill Gates and say no...

Critical patchwork

Just relax, I'm not about to turn this into a security related blog. However I felt it was necessary, especially in light of yesterdays post, to follow up on Microsofts recent security bulletins. The bulletins offer patches for the most critical issues raised in Secunia's original advisory, though some vulnerabilities are still unpatched and the security rating for IE is unchanged at "extremely critical".

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