Response from T&B!

So when does it become a noteworthy occurrence that someone replies to your email inquiries? Well, as you might know, I've had some problems getting responses from my ISP/cable provider (T&B Hansen). So when I found their reply in my inbox this morning, less than a day after I'd sent them an email, I was pleasantly surprised.

IE vulnerabilities

Secunia, a leading provider of IT-security services, announced on Friday that they'd raised the current security rating for IE to "extremely critical". Although some of the flaws have been known for a while (since October!), Microsoft haven't made any patch(es) available. Even a fully updated Windows with SP2 is vulnerable.


Looking out the window the world seems no different from how it was before Boxing Day except maybe for a little less snow, though everything feels completely different. Earlier today everything in Norway, as most other parts of Europe, stopped to observe three minutes of silence to show respect and solidarity for the tsunami victims. The feeling I was left with when seeing and hearing everything stop was heartfelt and devastating.

No response

For the second day in a row my internet connection really craps out. Although it isn't completely down as it was yesterday, it is unbelievably slow, has loooong response times and in reality completely useless.

T&B Hansen sucks

There are problems with the internet connection again. The last few days minor glitches and outages have become more frequent, and at times the connection have been really sluggish. There's been the occasional disturbances on our TV signals as well. To top it off, presently both have been out/down for several hours.

Memes and playlists

Although utterly meaningless, blog memes have a strange and enticing effect on me. I've never cared much for chain letters, AFAIK I've never sent one on, but it's digital cousin sometimes traps me. As I've yet to post a meme on this blog, I found this to be a perfect opportunity to do so. Browsing through other peoples record collections are something that always have fascinated me...

Gecko border bug

Seems as though I've stumbled onto a bug in Gecko (HTML rendering engine of Mozilla products), or at least something I believe to be a bug. I can't think of any other reason for the behavior I'm experiencing, it's not possible to purposely style an element to behave this way and other browsers render it just fine. So for all intents an purposes this is a bug, which has the unwanted result of only partially drawing borders on (certain) positioned unordered lists.

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