Microsoft's dead maps

Again the logic escapes me; why use a lot of resources to develop a great looking and useful web service, then hinder adaption by adding artificial barriers. Again Opera users are erroneously told by Microsoft their browser can't do things it certainly can, this time they've seemingly also tricked the BBC to help spread their FUD.

Leefe Meps, bork bork

There's been some buzz lately about the updated Live Search Maps. Up until now I haven't been able to see it, something I figured was due to internationalization issues. Though after reading the comments to Scoble's recent post, I decided to look into it again; Turns out it's just Microsoft harassing (blocking) Opera users (again).

Seeking accessibility

Bob Easton recently unveiled his new blog, Access Matters, which focuses on developing and designing web accessibility. The blog aims to uncover a collection of best practices for making web sites more accessible.

An open web?

Remember the good old days? When every known website in the galaxy featured a shiny button with the words "Best viewed in browser X", prominently placed on a splash page or maybe on a separate error page. Using a different browser than the one preferred by the site designer, more than occasionally meant that the complete site would be unavailable. Well I do remember, and to be honest it wasn't anything good about it!

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