Congratulations on (...)

Clippy, the Microsoft Office Assistant (3 animation states)Admittedly I've been sitting here for a while. Thinking of what to write about and how to write it. Staring at the insertion point. Waiting to see if a sudden burst of creativity would hit me. Not sure what I was expecting, but nothing appeared. I did however spend a few moments contemplating what my reaction would be if that blinking little line morphed into something like Clippy. (Scary stuff!) Did this a while back as well, not so much pondering about Clippy as I tried to find a way to restart my blog. Didn't find a clever post then, neither did I today. So instead I'm just typing to see where it gets me...

End of the year reboot

Ok. So once again I've neglected my blog. I need to stop doing that. But first I need to start posting again. So for the last few days I've been trying hard to find the right post to restart the blog. Though I haven't found anything suitable, so instead I give you this; The absolutely extraordinary "I'm back again" post...

Purple haze

As time, trends and technology have degraded the design of eVirtus!net, it has recently become been painfully clear for some time that a major redesign of the site was unavoidable. I'm also using this opportunity to implement some other changes to the site's setup, so expect some weirdness while I realign the bits 'n pieces.

Breaking news!

Browser address bar with web feed iconFinally that wonderful orange icon appears in the browsers address bar1 when visiting eVirtus!net. More important though, the reason why it appears; The blogs on this site finally have feeds!

Ctrl+P, Print?

Does anybody print from the web? Personally I can't remember the last time I actually printed a page of the web. If I need to share something from the web I usually just copy, paste and send an email, occasionally just passing the URI along (via email or other means).

Monitor update #2

Just a quick note to mention that the newly added servers have been included in the server monitor. The status monitor is now up to date and includes all the servers in our hosting environment.

Monitor update #1

A new version of the status monitor has just been uploaded. There's only a few minor changes from the previous version, though as the testing period went well I've enabled the monitor for all (currently 115!) services.

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