Enquire Within

Designed to be a central point of access for some of the services provided by eVirtus!net, Enquire accumulates several email and hosting related utilities into one easy to use web site. Although it's not providing a wealth of functionality in itself, this should hopefully prove to be a valuable and time-saving resource non-the-less.

Post editing

I'm about to break one of the unwritten rules of the blogosphere code of ethics, so I thought a heads up was in order; I'm about to edit some of the older posts found in this blog! As I can already hear most of you (all three) screaming "no", I can reassure you that I won't edit anything other than markup and the occasional spelling mistakes.

Quick update

Ok, I've managed to debug and correct the JavaScript problems I wrote about in the previous post. Things should be working in most modern browsers! Furthermore I've also applied a bit more styling to the site and written a new IE helper for PNG images. Right now I'm tired and going to bed, so I'll leave it for tomorrow to write something informational about it...

Redesign resumed

After several weeks with a really crappy internet connection, we've experienced both good speed and stability the last couple of days (*knocks on wood*). I've actually been able to send and receive email, read blogs and get my daily dose of current events! Might sound like the most trivial thing in the world, but with the recent problems we've been experiencing this really is a big thing...

Categorical nonsense

I've re-enabled the categories and last post features on this blog today, so now it's actually possible to get to all posts on this blog again. The other major addition of the day is that I'm sending last-modified and epochEtag headers again. And then I ran into some problems...

kill.exe forum /y

Possibly even less interesting than my first post here at the Spark|blog, comes this post about the removal of the forums. Mostly used for closed discussions with clients and co-conspirators (and as such had little (if any) to offer the casual surfer), they've have attracted way to much unwanted attention and work related to this. So the decision to kill it was rather simple.

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